Company profile

Kúpele Trenčianske Teplice, a.s. is a joint stock company established in 1995 under its original title Slovenské liečebné kúpele (the Slovak Health Spa). Its main activity is to provide comprehensive medical and spa care to domestic patients from Slovakia as well as from abroad, as well as other related hospitality services.

Modernised spa facilities offer a comprehensive year-round spa care of a high medical level to patients from Slovakia and abroad.

In order to provide a complex spa treatment, the company uses mainly natural healing resources and climatic conditions suitable for treatment, in accordance with the guidelines of medical department of physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation and other related medical disciplines, and develops these disciplines in the local natural medical conditions.

It also provides accommodation, meals and other non-medical services related to complete spa procedures in accordance with the principles of professional medical treatment facilities.

For this reason, it ensures development and protection of natural healing resources and the maintenance and creation of a spa environment.

The entire company has implemented a quality system.

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