General guidelines for stays

Important Information - Check-ins for a stay and room check-outs

1. Procedures and medical consultations

  • number of procedures in each of the stays is listed in the price list, types of procedures for the Classic stay is specified by a physician, for other types of stays (Senior, Minirelax, Relax) they are fixed and it is not possible to change them. It is possible to buy additional procedures onsite.
  • In the Minirelax, Relax, New Year’s, Easter and other special types of stays, the client has the possibility of the consultation with a physician, in case there are interested in the term, it is necessary to agree with their chief nurse or the emergency medical service.
  • as a part of the consultation, the physician can recommend any additional procedure (see the price list of procedures) to the client over firmly set procedures of their stay, with respect to the physical condition of the client

2. Meals

  • during full-board stays, clients may also choose a half-board, while € 2.00-5.00 value will be deducted from the day price
  • during half-board stays the surcharge to the full board is € 5.00-11.00 per day
  • the half-board (breakfast and dinner) is normally available

3. Methods of payment

The prices of the stays are fixed; all stays are invoiced in the standard way, where the first and last day of the stay is charged to the client as one whole day. The baseline for calculation of the number of days is the number of nights spent. The method of payment for the Classic, Senior, Minirelax, Relax types of stays, also in case of orders 1 month prior to check-in, and for Minirelax stays, the total price is to be settled in advance, (i.e. within 14 days after the confirmation of the booking is received). For long-term orders, it is necessary to pay at least the booking in advance payment of € 70.00 or of the total price of the stay. It is possible to settle the rest of the sum at the arrival in cash or by credit card at the particular reception desk.

Payment in advance from the territory of Slovak Republic
Account: VOLKSBANK SLOVAKIA, IBAN: SK18 3100 0000 0042 5009 2006, BIC: LUBA SKBX 
Variable symbol given by the marketing department.

Payment in advance from abroad
Account: VOLKSBANK SLOVAKIA, IBAN: SK18 3100 0000 0042 5009 2006, BIC: LUBA SKBX
Variable symbol given by the marketing department, payment conditions on-site.

For stays of 6 nights and more, the spa reserves the right to ask the client to pay at minimum 50% in advance payment of the remaining price of the stay, or the whole price of the stay within 3 days after their check-in. The client can pay in cash or by a credit card.

4. Parking

Clients can use parking lots in the premises of the spa for the price of € 3.00 per day.

5. Methods of ordering the stays

  • orders and bookings by telephone, fax, e-mail, post, using orders forms on the website or forms at the reception desk.
  • in the order, it is necessary to specify: the exact date of check-in, check-out, first names, surnames, addresses and dates of birth for all participants of the stay.

6. Cancellation fees and contractual relationship

up to 28 days € 5.00
less than 28 days 10 %
less than 15 days 25 %
6 and less days 50 %
cancellation without notice 75 %

In the case of voluntary reduction, or services unused by clients during their stay, the money for unused services will not be compensated.

Contractual relationship between Kúpele Trenčianske Teplice, a.s. and clients is based on:

  • an order, or confirmation of booking
  • payment of stay, resp. deposit for the stay

Because of the creation of this relationship the company Kúpele Trenčianske Teplice, a.s. is obliged to provide services to the extent and quality corresponding to the order and has the right to require an advance payment of 100% of the booked services. If the quality and range of the services is inadequate to the program and the price, the client has the right for a claim.

7. Conditions of illness of self-payers during a spa stay

Clients can:

  • prematurely withdraw their spa treatment with compensation of money
  • In case of continuation of the stay (with the possibility to continue with the spa procedures after the illness), the clients do not have the right for a compensation during the period when they were not taking the procedures, as they were in the care of a physician. The physician will inform the client about this fact.
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