The Music summer

Celebrities participated on the Music summer:

During the festival many famous domestic and foreign groups and artists performed in Trenčianske Teplice, artists such as: the Slovak Philharmonic, the Slovak Chamber Orchestra, the State chamber orchestra Žilina, the Gustav Brom Orchestra, the Moyzes Quartet, the Suchoň Quintet, the Prague Chamber Ballet, Czek virtuosi, the Shalom Choir , Tancredi Pasero, Maja Plisecka, Aram Khachaturian, Václav Hudeček, Josef Suk, John Ciker, Vaclav Talich, Eugen Suchon, Alexander Moyzes, Peter and Miroslav Dvorský, Otokar Klein, siblings Babjak, Dušan Jarjabek, Marián Lapšanský, Marián Varga, Louis Rajter and others ...

Recent events:

As early as last year's 65th edition, the Kúpele Trenčianske Teplice, a. s. tried to expand, improve and make the festival more attractive not only for spa guests and visitors to the city, but also for all lovers of good music.
In 2011 the festival kept its newly acquired stature and was extended in terms of space. In the future it will be added with promenade concerts in the pedestrian zone in order to attract more public.
The Festival is not only to maintain traditions, present performances of chamber music, but also to create space for promising young Slovak instrumentalists and the enrichment of festival with accompanying events for musically indecisive audience of all ages. A complete novelty in 2011 was a drama, which is another manifestation of the festival wide range.

66th edition of the festival:

This year the festival varied genre-wise. World famous opera stars performed in the Spa hall: Miroslav Dvorsky, Eva Hornyáková, Jolana Fogašová and Otokar Klein, who was also the artistic guarantee of the festival. Furthermore, there were two orchestras, the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and State chamber orchestra Žilina. From chamber ensembles Ad Libitum from Hungary, Hummel string quartet and a grouping of the best Slovak cellists Celomania performed as well. Of the soloists, the most intriguing were the piano virtuoso Marcel Stefko and Eva Kosorínová and a new performance was the concert of sacred and spiritual music Chorus angelorum ensemble in the Church of St. Stephen. Two evenings were devoted to the promising young talent.
Accompanying events were even more colorful in genre: vocal show Fragile, Lenka Filipova recital, vocal concert THE GOSPEL FAMILY and theater performance by StudioDva from Prague. Festival has grown not only in program and dramaturgy, but also by the number of events. In 2008 and 2009 there were 8, in 2010 already 12 and this year a total of 14.This relates directly to the increasing attendance of the festival, which this year exceeded 3000. This year, the duration of the festival was prolonged as well to 7 weeks.

Music summer helps young talent:

Throughout the entire 66th edition of the festival, a collection for the civic association La Sophia took place, to promote and develop musical talent and education of children from families at risk of social exclusion. The aim of this project was to attract the general public about musically talented children from orphanages or socially disadvantaged families. Thanks to all contributors, € 500 were added to the account of the civic association La Sophia. Thank you.

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