Čičmany, Rajecká Lesná and Žilina


Sunday, departure at 10.00 am
Estimated arrival at 5.30 pm

Čičmany – an outstanding typical village. The architecture of Čičmany resembles gingerbread houses due to ornamental decoration on the exterior walls of the houses. These houses are a very precious proof of the technical skills as well as the aesthetic feeling of the people.
Geometric decorations are about 200 years old. Simple ornaments were drawn by white lime, which also had conservation function.
Rajecká Lesná is a well-known pilgrimage site. Besides the world rarity - unique Slovak Cristmas crib – thousands of pilgrims come here to visit the Church of the Birth of St. Mary built in 1864 with the statue of Virgin Mary from the 15th century.

Individully you can visit

  • Slovak Christmas Crib in Rajecká Lesná depicting Jesus Christ´s birth in Betlehem as well as the life and history of Slovakia. It is a Christian, national and artistic woodcarving work of art made by Jozef Pekara.



The price of the trip depends on the number of participants.
The minimum number of participants is 5.

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