Strečno and Martin


Sunday, departure at 9.00 am
Estimated arrival at 5.30 pm

The first record of thr village Strečno date back to 1321. Nowadays, it is a modern, developing village, offering pleasant experience to its visitors from Slovakia as well as from abroad thanks to its nice location and services.
The Strečno castle is located at the beginning of a narrow valley on the left bank of the river Váh on a steep limestone rock about 420 m a.s.l. Archelogical discoveries found that there was a settlement already in the Bronze and Iron Ages. Strečno was a royal castle.
Although the first written document dates back to 1316, it can be presumed that the castle existed already in the 13th century. More and more tourists from all over the world visit the castle. There is a wide range of professional, typical Slovak services which make the visitors satisfied.
The village Terchová is a typical Slovak village with many solitary cottages. Thanks to its geografical locationt it is a well-known touristic centre of Malá Fatra. Juraj Jánošík, the Slovak outlaw and national hero, was born here.

Individually you can visit

  • Strečno castle
  • Rafting on the river Váh
  • Museum of J. Jánošík in Terchová
  • if interested - lunch in hotel Jánošík - Liptovský Mikuláš



The price of the trip depends on the number of participants.
The minimum number of participants is 5.


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