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Wellness procedúry

Wellness Procedures

Let yourself be pampered in the newly-built wellness and health care centre, WellMed, in the renovated Slovakia hotel, with a modern pool and sauna world. Its relaxation pool, steam and dry saunas, themed relaxation rooms, tepidarium, experience showers, Jacuzzis and its offer of massages will please all wellness lovers.

Offer of Wellness Packages

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Spa Procedures

Treat yourself to more than just wellness. Imagine a perfect combination of modern wellness relaxation and healing thermal water! Do you think that a spa is only for the elderly or people with health issues? Unique and rare 23 thousand-year-old healing mineral water, the age of which is a guarantee of ecological purity, acting as prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system at any age.

The Slovakia hotel is part of the Trenčianske Teplice Spa, so it complements its offer with free-sale spa procedures or treatment procedures available only after an examination by a spa doctor.

A unique treatment with natural healing means in the True Spa

Other spa procedures: the Grand outdoor pool available year-round and other relaxation pools, massages, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, healing rehabilitation, other healing procedures.

Odpočiváreň Hammam
Odpočiváreň Hammam
Odpočiváreň Hammam
Vonkajší bazén Grand
Bazén MUDr. Čapka – PI
Pitný prameň Ifigénia
Vaňový kúpeľ
Kúpeľ Sina
Medová masáž v Sine
Vírivka WellMed hotel Slovakia
Minerálne fango
Rašelinový obklad WellMed hotel Slovakia
Terapia lávovými kameňmi WellMed hotel Slovakia
Fínska sauna WellMed hotel Slovakia
Kneippov chodník WellMed hotel Slovakia
Soľná parná sauna WellMed hotel Slovakia
Tepidárium so soľnou stenou WellMed hotel Slovakia
Vodné bicykle v rehabilitačno bazéne

Sale of Wellness Packages

Reception WellMed hotel Slovakia
Phone: +421 32 6516 002
Opening hours:
Monday      10:00 - 18:00 (only for woman)
                   18:00 - 21:00
Tueesday   14:00 - 21:00
Wed - Su    10:00 - 21:00

Sale of Spa Procedures

Mo - Su 08:00-18:00
Phone: +421 32 6514 140


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