Therapeutical rehabilitation

Individual Gymnastics*

Set of exercises targeted on specific dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system respecting individual physical requirement of the client.
Recommended for: primarily for post-surgery and post-injury conditions and for people with disabilities.
Duration: 20 min.
*Consultation with a physician is required

Group Gymnastics*

Set of exercises led by a professional trainer, focused on specific dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Fit balls are very popular in group exercises and are suitable for everyone, irrespective of age or body weight.
Duration: individually
*Consultation with a physician is required

Traction of the spine* / traction of arms and legs

This method uses pulling techniques on the trunk with the aim to relieve spasms of the trapeze and back muscles.
Effects: reduction of pain and relieve of spasms.
Duration: 10 -15 min.
*Consultation with a physician is required

Therapeutical Outdoor Treatment*

This rehabilitation procedure combines principles of natural motion, fresh air, exercises under the supervision of a professional nurse and practice of correct breathing techniques;  it is possible to combine it with swimming in the outdoor pool Grand.
Duration: 90 min.
*Consultation with a physician is required

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking refers to walking in natural terrain with varying difficulty level; the activity is performed with specially designed walking poles. It is a modern, simple and an effective method of fitness training and a natural way of relaxing of the body.
Recommended for: all age groups including seniors with degenerative spine disabilities, joints disabilities, disorders of balance, stability and coordination, and various vascular diseases. Its application in rehabilitation process is relatively wide and attractive for a patient.
Duration: 60 min.

Swimming in the Pool Slovakia / Rehabilitation Pool

This form of rehabilitation is carried out in water taking advantage of the floating effect of water, which eases the performance of some exercises and carrying out moves that the patient is restrained to do outside of the pool area due to health reasons.
Duration: 60 min. / 30 min.

Water Cycling

Water bicycles are a part of the rehabilitation pool. They are a very convenient complement to the rehabilitation process without burdening the body joints due to taking advantage of the natural resistance of water.
Duration: individually


Hydrokinesiotherapy is a complex system of exercises carried out in water, which uses the effect of water resistance to movement; this technique strengthens relevant muscle groups and reduces the gravitation impact on joints and spine and thus facilitates movement.

Recommended for: post-surgery and post-injury treatments.
Duration: 20 min
*Consultation with a physician is required


Individual exercises
Individual Gymnastics
Group exercises
Group Gymnastics
Traction of spine
Traction of spine
Curative hiking treatment
Therapeutical Outdoor Treatment
Nordic walking
Nordic walking
Swimming in swimming pool Slovakia
Swimming in the Pool Slovakia
Water bicycles
Water Cycling

Sale of spa treatments

Mo - Su 08:00-18:00

It is possible to book spa treatments by telephone in advance.
Reservations are canceled 30 minutes prior to the date of the spa treatments. Procedures are provided for persons of 18, unless otherwise specified.

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