Thermal spa and balneotherapy

Bath in thermal spa

Trenčianske Teplice Spa uses 6 natural springs, both for internal and external balneotherapy.  All of these sulfur thermal springs have identical chemical composition and vary only by their temperature.
The water used in the pools and in the bath-tubs is of an optimal balneological temperature, between 38,4° C and 40° C, enabling its direct application for external balneotherapy without any need of additional heating up or cooling down process. This plays an important role in the treatment effect itself, as the hydrogen sulphide, a gas dissolvable in water, quickly evaporates by heating, cooling or transporting process. Research works have clearly proven the overall analgesic effect of hydrogen sulfide (pain alleviation), persisting and increasing not only during the bath, but also subsequently.
Trenčianske Teplice thermal springs with analgesic effect invigorate circulation, release muscular tension and thus result in enhanced locomotion and overall fitness and soothe the mind.
Duration: 20 min. + 10 min. relaxation dry body wrap directly after the bath

Thermal pools
Pool Sina - average temperature 39° C
Pool P I (MUDr. A. Čapek) - average temperature 37,5° C
Pool P II - average temperature 37° C
Pool P III - average temperature 35,5° C (30 min. bath without dry body wrap)
Pool PK KRYM - average temperature 37,4° C

Thermal baths
Pramenný dvor (Spring Yard)

Kúpeľ Sina
Pool Sina
Bazén MUDr. Čapka – PI
Pool MUDr. Čapka – PI
Bazén PII
Pool PII
Bazén PIII
Bazén Krym - PK
Pool Krym - PK


One of the oldest parts of medicine using natural therapeutic means to maintain, support and regain good health. Healing springs and poloids are specifically used in external balneology.


A thermal healing treatment based on application of warm phango compress combined with paraffin.
Effect: invigorates circulation, has analgesic effects and releases muscular tension by increasing the body temperature.
Recommended for: all chronical diseases of the locomotion system.
Duration: 20 min.

Peat Wrap

Peat Wrap representing a peloidotherapy in form of a warm body wrap resulting in higher blood perfusion and tissue regeneration.  Its positive impact is further enhanced by natural effects of the peat substances (humin acids).
Peat Wraps are applied in special disposable packages.
Effect: relaxes muscular tension and acts as an analgesic.
Recommended for: especially for back pain.
20 min.


Thermal therapy consisting of dipping hands into a pre-heated liquid paraffin or in form of body wraps.
Effect: invigorates circulation, smoothes joint mobility and acts as an analgesic.
Recommended for: chronic rheumatic diseases, especially those of small hand-joints.
Duration: 20 min.

Mineral Fango*

Thermotherapy in form of partial body wraps with a good heat retention.
Effect: increases blood perfusion and tissue regeneration, acts as a muscle-relaxant, relieves spasms and reduces pain.
Recommended for: painful chronic diseased of the kinetic system, particularly with arthritis diagnosis.
Duration: 20 min. + 10 min. in form of a dry body wrap
*Consultation with a doctor required


Limoplast packing
Limoplast packing
Peat packing
Peat packing
Mineral fango
Mineral fango

Sale of spa treatments

Mo - Th 08:00-12:00 and 12:30-17:30
Fr - Su 08:00-12:00 and 12:30-18:30

It is possible to book spa treatments by telephone in advance.
Reservations are canceled 30 minutes prior to the date of the spa treatments. Procedures are provided for persons of 18, unless otherwise specified.

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