Vouchers and tickets for repeated entries

Gift vouchers from Kúpele Trenčianske Teplice, a. s. can be a great gift for your family, friends and business partners or a convenient form of employee appreciation.

Choose from our range:

1. Universal gift voucher

Possibility to choose from procedures listed on the back side of the voucher. Every procedure has its value in points.

The total value of vouchers is 50 or 100 points.

Univerzálna darčeková poukážka
Univerzálna darčeková poukážka zadná strana

2. Voucher for entries into thermal pools with massages

Vouchers can be chosen of two values:

› voucher for 3 entries into the thermal pool + 3 classical massages
  price: 50,00 €
› voucher for 5 entries into the thermal pool + 5 classical massages
  price: 85,00 €

3. Gift vouchers for one or more procedures

› for 1 specific procedure (e.g. 1 entry into the pool Grand)

› a combination of several procedures – in any order and in any value

› a combination of specified procedures - One-day-Spa offer

Univerzálna darčeková poukážka na procedúry

4. Tickets for repeated entries

For those who repeatedly use our range of procedures, we have discounted tickets for 10 entries
(e.g., to the pools as the Grand Pool, Slovakia, the rehabilitation pool, baths in the Sina thermal pool, whirlpools, fitness, Pilates or other procedures)

Ticket Pool Grand


For more information and sales please contact our assistants of procedures sales office
Mo - Th 08:00-12:00 and 12:30-17:30 hod.
Fr - Su 08:00-12:00 and 12:30-18:30 hod.
e-mail: predajprocedur@slktn.sk

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