Dr. Klasik


The bestseller for regeneration - a complex medical spa stay. The best of medical spa treatments under supervision of spa physicians.

Dr. SpaKlasik


The best of the best. Enjoy the best stay, individually tailored to your needs.

Stay Post-COVID Medical

Long-COVID Medical

Curative Stay intended for recovery after overcoming COVID-19 disease, based on the recommendation of physicians with a set of specially compiled treatments.

Dr. Senior


Senior age brings difficulties which can be optimally addressed during a stay in the thermal spa with professional medical care and spa treatments.

Wellness Medical

Wellness Medical

An ideal spa stay for relaxation and relief of the body and soul in a harmonious combination of spa and wellness treatments.

Dr. Tomesa


A special treatment imitating the effect of sunshine and water of the Dead sea area.

Prameň Teplíc

Spring of Teplice

A unique spa stay with a possibility to create an own spa program according to the client's personal demands.

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