Stay for a more beautiful and healthier skin.

Dr. Tomesa
Characteristics Stay for a more beautiful and healthier skin.
Recommended length of stay 10 nights or longer
Procedures Monday – Saturday
Number of procedures per stay 3 per day
Medical examination initial and final medical examination
in case of skin deseases it is necessary to bring recommendations from a dermatologist
Nature of procedures Individually created medical program, based on recommendations of a physician, its basis is treatment with the special Tomesa system
Meals - Spa Hotels Krym, Pax full board
- breakfast in the form of a buffet
- lunch and dinner in the form of a buffet - selection from 4 menus
(half board -5€/day/person)
Bonuses swimming pool Grand once a day / 80 min.
fitness / exercising in the gym in Krym
Extra Bonuses 10% off with additional treatment purchase
15% discount on wellness
Additional procedures and services possibility to purchase additional medical, deluxe or relax procedures according one's own choice.
Price: from € 75.- per person per night


Medical house Main season 1.5.-22.10.2022 Out of season 20.3.-30.4., 23.10.-17.12.2022 Christmas and New Year's Eve 18.12.-31.12.2022 Winter season 1.1.-19.3.2022 Single bed Suite
KRYM comfort 84 € 82 € 77 € 18 € 25 €
KRYM standard 82 € 80 € 75 € 15 € 20 €
PAX comfort 82 € 80 € 75 € 9 € 20 €

Stay Price Calculation

This calculation is valid only for the year 2022

Double bed Single bed Suite
Half board Full board

Important Information

Check-ins for a stay and room check-outs

Contact persons:

Martinčeková Lívia

+421/32/6514 798

Kazíková Jana

+421/32/6514 789

Central booking number: +421/32/6514 000
E-mail: obchod@slktn.sk

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