Loyalty program

It is worth to be our loyal client.

Loyal clients who purchase more than 3 spa stays in Health Spa in Trenčianske Teplice will get a discount for the next purchase of spa stays .

Conditions for discounts:
A discount from the price of the spa stay is provided to selfpayers who pay for their spa stay in cash at the Health Spa in Trenčianske Teplice or per bank transfer (not through travel agencies and companies).

The discount rate is settled according to the number of spa stays paid:
3-4 spa stays - discount 5%
5-6 spa stays - discount 7%
7 and more stays - discount 10%
The discount cannot be combined with any other discount, the client gets the most advantageous discount.
The client is informed about the loyalty discount in the written confirmation of spa stay booking and in the price lists. It is not possible to ask for a discount after departure from the spa stay.

Discount is not available under the following circumstances:
There is no discount available for city tax and administration fee, as well as extra services.
There is no discount available or spa stays reimbursed by health insurance for surcharges.
There is no discount available for hotel accomodation.
Responsible for the correct discount rate is the hotel receptionist and the sales office employee.
Health Spa Trenčianske Teplice a s. reserves the right to change the terms of providing the loyalty program.

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