Post-COVID Medical

Clients who have overcome the Covid-19 disease with consequences can, as a convalescence, enjoy the following spa treatment in our Spa.
The insurance-company-paid spa treatment is recommended for patients with persistent issues after a moderate or severe course of the disease by a specialist, and a general practitioner or the specialist can propose it.
The spa treatment can also be purchased by self-payers (Post-COVID Medical stay) who decide to recharge their energy and contribute to a proper convalescence and recovery. A stay based on a physician's recommendation with a package of specially selected procedures to recover for clients after overcoming the Covid-19 disease.

Post-COVID Medical
Characteristics healing stay for recharging energy
Recommended length of stay 5 nights and more
Number of procedures per stay 10 and more (2 per day)
Medical examination a medical examination at the beginning and at the end
Nature of procedures thermal bath, classic massage, oxygen therapy, infrasauna, dry carbonic bath - bio wrap, peat, sea mud
Meals - Krym, Pax, Slovakia buffet style full board - the selection consists of at least 4 different meals, drinks are not included (optional half board minus EUR 5 / day / person)
Dietary and vegetarian meals possible
Bonuses 1 per day 80 minutes - the Grand outdoor pool
5% discount for purchasing selected procedures
10% on wellness packages
Additional procedures and services you can purchase other healing, premium or relaxation procedures of your choice
Price: from € 57.- per person per night


Medical house Main season 1.5.-22.10.2022 Out of season 20.3.-30.4., 23.10.-17.12.2022 Christmas and New Year's Eve 18.12.-31.12.2022 Winter season 1.1.-19.3.2022 Single bed Suite
Slovakia comfort 59 € 59 € 59 € 9 € 20 €
KRYM comfort 61 € 61 € 61 € 18 € 25 €
KRYM standard 59 € 59 € 59 € 15 € 20 €
PAX comfort 59 € 59 € 59 € 9 € 20 €

Stay Price Calculation

This calculation is valid only for the year 2022

Double bed Single bed Suite
Half board Full board

Important Information

Check-ins for a stay and room check-outs

Contact persons:

Martinčeková Lívia

+421/32/6514 798

Kazíková Jana

+421/32/6514 789

Central booking number: +421/32/6514 000

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