Komplexný liečebný pobyt

The complex medical stay

The complex medical stay with accommodation, meals and procedures. The minimal duration of the stay is 7 days (6 nights), initial medical examination and also when leaving, 3 procedures a day, full board, bonuses.

Liečebno-preventívny pobyt

Regenerative medical and prevention stay

Regenerative medical and prevention stays with accommodation, catering and procedures. Minimal duration of the stay is 5 days (4 nights), 2 procedures a day, medical consultations, half board, bonuses.

Programovo riadený rekondičný pobyt

The program-based reconditioning stay

The program-based reconditioning regime under supervision of spa physicians with/without accommodation (in terms of the rehabilitation and reconditioning stays in connection with work).

Reconditioning stays are required by law for selected occupations meeting criteria for unfavoured working conditions and meet also conditions for the effectiveness of reconditioning stays in terms of prevention of occupational health damages.

Duration of the stay is at least 2 weeks or 80 hours during a period of 2 years in the form of rehabilitation.

Reconditioning stays are based on rehabilitation exercises, vocational training, water and heat healing procedures, swimming, suitable type of sport and stay in nature.

Division of stays by the category of risk:
A. designed for employees exposed to solid aerosols (dust), chemical factors or carcinogenic factors.
B. designed for employees exposed to vibrations, long-term, excessive and unilateral loads, unsuitable microclimatic conditions, increased air pressure, or excessive physical load
C. designed for employees exposed to noise, stress or ionized radiation.

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